About Us

Finco Metals is the product of over 30 years and two generations of experience within the jewelry industry. We provide 3D wax design/modeling, printing and production services. Bringing together traditional artisan skillsets with modern cad/cam technology, we produce one-of-a-kind custom pieces that are limited to your immagination. Servicing retail jewelers across the nation creating pendants, rings, bracelets, earrings and more. Although we specialize in CAD-CAM bridal/engagment jewelry, we offer a wide variety of services, including but not limited to casting, stone setting (all varieties), rapid-reproduction vulcanizing and more. 100% made in the USA!



CAD - 3D Wax Modeling/Design

Our group of designers will create a one-of-a-kind creation modeled to your specifications. All models are created with the latest in Rhino and Matrix technologhy.





CAM - Growing 3D Wax Printing

We offer industry leading Solidscape printing solutions with their patented SCP technology that is yet to be rivaled. Precision surface quality Solid-ScapeĀ© rapid prototype equipment providing easy burnout and casting. Applications include but are not limited to jewelery, dental restorations, medical instruments and much much more.





Image Rendering

Need help with web content? We can process your CAD files and produce life like images and video! Professional file rendering of your models for use in your Ecommerce website.




Whether it's platinum, palladium, gold or silver we can have a casting ready for delivery the very next day. If you need us to process your castings, our production team will deliver your piece in showroom ready condition. Over a centuries worth of combined knowledge and experience go into each and every piece that we manufacture. Dedication to the details is what we foremost promise.

Stone Setting and Melee Diamonds

We specialize in all types of Pave but also provide channel, burnish, invisible, bezel and all other type of setting. We also provide melee diamonds in most size and shapes at competitive rates. Customers are welcome and encouraged to send in their own stones to complete their projects!

Finished Jewelry

We will produce a finely crafted piece of artwork for you. We ask on average 10 working days to turn your custom CAD/CAM project into reality.